Names are some of the hardest words to decipher when reading a document in Solitreo. This rare document, known as Livro de Misvot, served to record the auctioning of honors that were sold to male congregants in the synagogue on the sabbath day and holidays. This particular document comes from Ruschuk (today’s Ruse, Bulgaria), from the early 20th century. To avoid writing on Shabbat on certain holidays, the gabbai (warden) of the synagogue would fold the fabric tabs in this book to remember which congregant bid and received different honors. This custom is still preserved in some Sephardic communities today.

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Livro de sinyales tokante la vendita de misvot en shabatot i moadim
Ruschuk, ca. early 20th c.
MLA Citation: “Livro de misvot (DJS0159).” Documenting Judeo-Spanish, edited by Bryan Kirschen, 2020,