This page contains a select number of resources that will help you learn more about Solitreo.


Bunis, D. (1975). A guide to reading and writing Judezmo. The Judezmo Society.

This manual introduces readers to Meruba, Rashi, and Solitreo. A fantastic resource that has helped students, scholars, and speakers of the language for forty-five years, this guide can be downloaded from the author’s page.


Perez, A. (Ed.). (2005). Diario 1917-1918 de Haim Nahmias. Ma’ale Adumim Institute.

In this book, you will not only find the Hebrew translation and transcription of this memoir into Roman characters, but also Nahmias’s Solitreo writings. Although this book can be hard to find, your local library may have it on its shelves.

Pimienta, G., & Pimienta, S. (Eds.). (2010). Libro de actas de la Junta selecta de la comunidad Tánger 1860-1883: nacimiento y desarrollo de una comunidad organizada. Paris/Jerusalem: JEM/Erez Editores.

This book comes with a CD-ROM, which features not only the Romanization of the minutes from the Jewish Community of Tangier, Morocco, but also the original aljamiado text. This is a rich resource for those particularly interested in the Judeo-Spanish variety of Haketia.

Rodrigue, A., Stein, S.A., & Jerushalmi, I. (Eds.). (2012). A Jewish Voice from Ottoman Salonica: The Ladino Memoir of Sa’adi Besalel a-Levi. Stanford University Press.

Aside from English translation and Romanization in the book, the entire memoir has been digitized and is available online, in its original Solitreo.


Berman, B. (2009). LadinoType. Web.

This online tool converts Romanized Ladino into Meruba, Rashi, and Solitreo alphabets. Once you register (for free), reading the FAQ will help get you started.


Bunis, D. (2015). Soletreo: Writing the Ladino Script with Prof. David Bunis. Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. University of Washington.

In this video, Professor Bunis reviews and illustrates how to write each letter of Ladino in both the Rashi and Solitreo alphabets.


Perez, A. (various years). El Kantoniko de Soletreo. Aki Yerushalayim. Jerusalem.

The Ladino language journal Aki Yerushalayim, published in print from 1979-2016, included a section in many of its numbers dedicated to Solitreo and its transcription. A great deal of this journal has been digitized and can be browsed online.

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