March 2023: We are pleased to announce that our fully-developed font in Solitreo has been released as a Google Font and is available through Google Drive; this means that you can type directly into your Google Doc files, on your Google Slides presentations, on your Google Sheets spreadsheets, and more. To use this font, you do not need to download anything; all you need to do is activate the Hebrew keyboard on your computing device. See this instructional video below to get started!

The Solitreo font includes individual and final forms of letters, as well as many of the ligatures that make Solitreo so unique. In addition, our font contains numbers, punctuation, and diacritical marks. For a quick guide to reading and writing Judeo-Spanish in Solitreo and other written forms, consult the chart below.

Reading Judeo-Spanish in the Hebrew Alphabet: Click image to enlarge and use magnifier to zoom in
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